Speak with confidence: elevate your public speaking skills

Delivering a public speech is far from simple.

It's common to grapple with various doubts and unanswered questions during this process. Having personally faced such challenges more than once, I still encounter moments of nervousness when presenting before tens, if not hundreds, of people.

Throughout the years, I have developed numerous strategies spanning the entire spectrum of public speaking, from initial ideation to the actual stage delivery and everything in between. My goal is to share the insights I've gained, drawing from experiences at renowned conferences such as QCon, NDC, O'Reilly workshops, AWS Re:Invent, and many others.

In our dedicated hour, the focus will be on addressing YOUR specific challenges and exploring potential enhancements to elevate your presentation.

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developers, architects, developer advocates, managers

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From conceptualizing a public talk for a conference to refining your presentation skills, this hour is dedicated to YOU.

Drawing from my experience of delivering over 300 public talks worldwide, I will share all the tricks for making your presentation outstanding. I'll elaborate on the reasons behind structuring your talk in a specific manner to captivate your audience and guide you on crafting a memorable presentation.

Prezzo: EUR 100.00 / ora


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Luca Mezzalira

Principal Solutions Architect @ AWS