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AI Engineer

Inserzione valida fino al 30/09/2024

Skill ed esperienza

Skill necessarie

  • Python

Job description

FairMind, an innovative startup and benefit company in the field of Generative AI, is looking for an enthusiast AI Engineer. The ideal candidate will be at the center of the development of cutting-edge AI products and solutions, using models such as Large Language Models to optimize and innovate our services.


  • OpenAI GPT, Anthropic, and other open-source models.
  • Collaboration with interdisciplinary teams to integrate LLMs into different business processes.
  • Creation and management of advanced prompts and prompting architectures to maximize the effectiveness of the Generative AI solutions created.
  • Evaluation of Generative AI models and solutions to ensure compliance with business, ethical and technical requirements.


  • Excellent knowledge of Python and main libraries used in the development of solutions in the Machine Learning / Natural Language Processing field.
  • Experience using at least one of LangChain / LLamaIndex / Semantic Kernel
  • Good knowledge of the main Prompt Engineering techniques in at least one of the most popular LLMs: OpenAI, Anthropic and LLama2.
  • Experience in building RAG: choosing and using VectorDB, generating embeddings and retrieval techniques.
  • Knowledge (experience preferred) using Guardrails.ai or similar tools.
  • Experience using observability/monitoring platforms such as LangSmith (or similar)
  • Knowledge of the theory behind Generative AI and the main models (Transformers, Diffusion Models and GAN).
  • Fine-tuning experience on existing models is welcome but not required.
  • LLMOps experience preferred but not required.
  • Excellent communication and technical documentation skills.
  • Creative spirit and innovative approach to problem solving.
  • Experience working with corporate clients on prompting strategies.

Join our team

At FairMind, you’ll be part of an innovative environment that values creativity and is passionate about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with Generative AI. If you are eager to take on challenges, make a significant impact, and advance your skills in a dynamic and supportive setting, we would love to hear from you. Apply today to contribute to the future of AI technology with FairMind, where your work is not just a job, but a journey towards pioneering new horizons.

FairMind srl Società Benefit

AI Engineer

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